SRC “TESIS” as a structural unit of NTUU "KPI" operates in accordance with State Special Communication license № 572316 series АГ 10.11.2011 the following activities:

  • development, introduction, research of efficiency, service at objects of information systems technical protection of information (TPI) carriers which are acoustic field, consultancy services;

  • development, introduction, research of efficiency, service at objects of information systems TPI, carriers which are electromagnetic fields and electrical signals, consultancy services;

  • development, production, introduction, research of efficiency, introduction of proofing systems and information systems, information security technology unauthorized access, providing consulting services;

  • detection and blocking of loss of vocal and aspectual information through filling devices at objects of information activity, consulting services;

     As part of the SRC "TESIS" functions Testing Laboratory. Testing Laboratory has the right to test this equipment in the branch of technical protection of information:
  • Shielded constructions, safety boxes and their components.

  • Equipment for automatic data processing (personal computers, personal computers protected execution, servers, display equipment, etc.).

  • Digital programmable device printing, copying equipment.

  • Electrical apparatus (means active protection of computing technics against information leakage technical channels; means active and passive protection of speech information from leaking technical channels; protection electrical filters; devices and devices fire & security alarm; separating transformers etc.).

  • Commutation interface components programmable automatic telephone stations and the Advanced telephone stations.

  • Electronic detectors (hardware detection active sources of electromagnetic radiation).

The main activities of SRC "TESIS" of technical security information:

  • 1. Certification systems of technical security information on the object of Customer Information activities.

  • 2. Certification server rooms.

  • 3. Security and certification of allocated premises.

  • 4. Evaluation security of objects electronic computers.

  • 5. Testing equipment technical information security.

  • 6. Creating complex information security systems in the automated systems of various classes.

  • 7. Performing of State Review the complex systems of information security in automated systems of various classes.

  • 8. Creating complex systems security personal data.

  • 9. Installation, initialization software complexes remedies (security services operating systems and other means) and learning to work with its.

  • 10. Providing consulting services on organization security proprietary information, personal data, etc.

Foundation documents SRC "TESIS":

EDRPOU code p.1,   EDRPOU code p.2,   Annex p.1,   Annex p.2
Mandate p.1,   Mandate p.2
Provisions title,   Provisions p.3,   Provisions p.7   "TESIS" Provisions
The special permission USS - available upon request.
Statute KPI p.1,   Statute KPI
Certificate of state registration of legal entities

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